Sunday, 2 October 2011

2 down, 18 to go ....

I made a start on my quilt!!!!

I had to miss the first class as it was the same day as the fundraiser for the Golden Retriever Rescue. Poppy didn't win any of her classes but she did win 3 bags of biscuits which pleased her greatly.

My first block was rail fence... a lot of the blocks have names. This strip pieced.

And the finished block ...

It's not perfect, but I've been told it's not bad for a first go. On a roll, I made the second, called Jacob's Ladder. It's in pieces here, but it is sewn together .... honest.

Next time, it's applique .... yeaayyy .... I know how to do this .... well one method anyway, the rest are still a mystery.

Thanks for stopping by ....

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