Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Birdcage Decoration

I cut the birdcage using the Tim Holtz Bigz die from greyboard to give the hanging more stability and strength, sandwiching the bird between two cages so it doesn't matter if it spins around. They were coloured using Airondack daubers, Metallic Silver and Pearl White. The bird then had Heirloom Gold Perfect Pearls sprinkled on to it when the paint was still wet.

I kept the beads at the bottom neutral as I didn't have a spot in mind to hang the birdcage when finished.

There was no way I could thread the ribbon through the the big crystal bead (big bead, small hole) by sight and it was way too thick to use a needle, so to get the ribbon to go through it, I made a loop with wire, threaded both ends through the bead then put the ribbon in the wire loop and pulled it through - a little like one of those little tools for threading needles.

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