Thursday, 13 September 2012

Punch what ????

That was my reaction to punch art a few weeks ago and now I love it! 

I was describing a fantastic advent calendar that Nicky had made for a Jems training session to my upline and hey presto, she had the instructions to make it! Unfortunately there was no name on the print out but if it was yours, it's fab and I would love to give you your well deserved credit!

It's a little known fact that Father Christmas has a holiday home in the Mersey Tunnel, and you can tell how busy he has been (ie how many presents he has made) by how many panel doors he has left open behind him. Well that's what my Dad used to tell us on journeys through the tunnel, so a Father Christmas was the obvious choice to top my calendar.

The numbers are computer generated. I decided to put them randomly so you have to work for the treat! The gold brads help to open the doors but you'll notice I haven't put one on the middle door, got to make it wait until Christmas!

Now I just need to add chocolate!

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  1. Good morning. I am new to stamping & punch art. In looking through Pinterest I found your Advent calendar and loved it. I realize it's not your design but wonder if you still have the instruction sheet? I have not had any luck finding this posted elsewhere. Thank you.


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