Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Quilting progress .....

I was looking at some beautiful quilts on blogs yesterday and suddenly thought I hadn't shared any of my blocks for ages. These are the last two techniques that I learnt.
The first is English paper piecing. This one was a labour of love!!
The material was first tacked onto my templates and then formed into the star shape.

 The back view is shown here.

By the time I had appliqued this onto my ground, I felt like I had sewn it three times over!
My next two blocks are made with block piecing. First up is Wheel in Motion. This one took a bit of work to get it to lie flat but I got there in the end!

My final one is called Laced Star or often referred to as "that blasted star!" I really enjoyed making this one, it's made up of four triangles and I made it all by myself!! There is a mistake on this one that I have managed to repeat 4 times, all in the same places so it's difficult to spot so I'm claiming it as my artisitic slant on the block! Can you spot it? 

I am now 7 blocks into my quilt, just 13 more to go! Somehow I don't think it will be keeping me warm this winter though ........
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